Other Fields of Expertise

In addition to our specialization in tax, customs and foreign trade, we also advise in certain neighboring fields of expertise. Case-specific, there are often concrete points of contact with our primary legal areas.

Foreign-economic relations and compliance issues regularly play a special role in our consultancy in banking and capital market law, but in particular tax law.

Money laundering is also a classic compliance issue in which we advise, especially in international and foreign trade contexts. For example we are often asked to clarify whether companies have an obligation to issue a notification under the German Anti Money Laundering Act (Geldwäschegesetz).

Entrepreneurship in tax, customs and / or foreign trade-related contexts often leads to allegations concerning criminal or administrative offences. At this point at the latest, the know-how of specialists is needed to counter the alleged violations of law fundamentally, e.g. in the complex area of export control law.

Our advice in commercial and corporate law usually concerns issues with special tax and / or international character, in the latter case especially with regard to international trading transactions. From the legal point of view, we will be happy to support you in the founding phase as well as in the current business and in the process of processing with economic solutions appropriate to your interests.